HP 90 Degree Differential Receiver

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4 Pixel Ports 

4 Power Injection Ports @ 5 amps

1 Power Injection Port @ 25 amps

On/Off Switch – New with version 1.8

LED Indicators

Compact 3″ X 3.5″

Compatible with Experience Lights, Kulp and Falcon controllers

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HP 90 degree server power supply differential receiver board.

Additional information

Weight .1875 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .5 in

3 reviews for HP 90 Degree Differential Receiver

  1. pwthoma (verified owner)

    This HP differential receiver is working great. I love the fact that it’s a compact design and I don’t need anything else (wiring, fuse boards, etc) to get my HP power supplies to work now.

    The measurements of the ones I got were 89mm x 73mm. It doesn’t sit flush with the bottom of the power supply so it does raise the total height by 3mm.

    If I cut the pull tab off the HP power supply, which I plan to do, and use a 90 degree AC cable on the power supply this fits perfectly in the bottom of a $3 HF Ammo Can.

    Overall this is a great addition to my show.

  2. Richard Beard (verified owner)

    Absolutely Love the simplicity of this!!! I’ll pick this over the Falcon did receiver all day long. I plan on getting a few more for next season.

  3. arusso214 (verified owner)

    I had 4 of these in my show for 2020 and plan on getting more this year.

    Pros: Great design, simple to use, easy setup, less wires, and makes for a compact setup with an HP power supply and a Harbor Freight ammo box.

    Con: Only downside for some (not me) would be that they are not the newer style smart receivers that can be daisy chained.

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