About Us

I have been making wire frames for my Christmas Display since 2012. I have always enjoyed working with metal and fabricating various things. In 2017 I was asked to build some frames for a friend’s Christmas display and I began taking small orders ever since. All wire frames are hand made on site in the USA and are powder coated in black. Custom colors can be done as a special order. Custom orders large or small are also welcome. Commercial orders are also accepted.

With the rising popularity of pixels in the DIY scene, I started attaching them to my wireframes with zip ties. After doing a couple thousand, I thought there has to be a better way. My father and I spent months developing a clip to attach pixels to 1/4″ wireframes. They have become very popular and take a wireframe to the next level!  Check out our original pixel clips in the store.

After gaining momentum in the commercial wireframe market, I needed a quicker solution to produce ready to run receiver builds. This led to the development of the “direct to meanwell” line of receivers and breakout boards. They eliminate the extra step of adding wires between the power supply and receiver. Our receivers have become widely used by DIY enthusiasts and commercial clients as well.

Last but not least, flood lights. I started out assembling RGB floods for folks in the community. This led to a streamlined upgraded version of which the hobby and market is currently using today. Our original 20 and 30 watt floods operate on 12 volts and were the first to enter the lighting community. Previously they were available in 24 volt and 36 volt only. We are proud to offer these quality hand build units to you!

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for all the business and support!