Original Wizard Genius PSU Receiver


We teamed up with the amazing team at Experience Lights to bring you the Original Wizard Genius Receiver! This 4 port gem will give you all the conveniences of our dumb receiver but adds the features of a genius receiver which allows the user to daisy chain. This newest version of the genius line allows for field programming via USB Mini B port.

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Direct to meanwell power supply genius receiver board supports daisy chaining.

  • 5-24 volt range (First in the community!)
  • Broad controller compatibilty
  • 2 x RJ45 ports for long range connection; supports daisy-chaining
  • Seamless integration with existing differential driving controllers (Dumb, FPP, Falcon V3 & V4). No system lock-in. Mix and match with other equipment
  • Auto detection of “Dumb”, “FPP” (Falcon Pi Player) or “Smart V3 Falcon” or “Smart V4 Falcon” or “Genius”. No switches to toggle, or software to configure
  • Auto positioning determines the receiver’s “place in line”. Will detect if it’s an A-F receiver without the need for dip switches on each receiver
  • If you need to manually set a receivers position (A-F), there is an on-board rotary dial to optionally override
  • Built-in test mode animations
  • USB Mini B port allows for field updates.
  • Works with WS281X differential signals only
  • 5 amp/port – 20 amp total

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Dimensions 3.75 × 2.25 × .5 in


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